A Powerful Antidote to Anger

Anytime you get angry ask, “Is there a lie here?” ( spoken or unspoken ). This is one of the most important things you can do when you feel that energy of anger welling up inside of you.

You will automatically get angry if you perceive a lie, guaranteed. Just recognize and remember this.

So ask, “Is there a lie here? What am I aware of?”. Then you can act instead of react and be in awareness, question, choice and possibility, not reaction.

You are not trying to fix the lie, you are getting if there IS a lie. Then you can choose what is going to work for you. “How do I want to handle this?” “What is going to work for me?” Not, “How can I change the person?” or “How can I stop this lie or fight against it?”.

Go right away to, “What is this? What do I do with it?” Just ask and get that flash of awareness.  That flash of insight is where you are willing to perceive a prompt of a greater possibility from your Higher Self.

Anger, rage, doubt, fear, guilt, etc…These are all energies that have been implanted into our collective consciousness over the millenia. They distract us from our true awareness keeping us disconnected from the sovereignty that can be achieved as we shift to more dynamic interaction with our Higher Selves at Source.

The moment you are overtaken by any of these energies you are distracted from what you can choose beyond it. I know it is not easy as we have have been reacting to these distractions for so long that we have decided somehow we will gain our power back if we go into “fight”. The opposite is true.

The lie can be something you are telling yourself about the situation or someone telling you something that is an outright lie that you feel you must fight against. This allows you zero freedom to make another choice other than become trapped in a reality that is based on reaction only.

If we can manage to get ourselves to detect if we are aware of the lie that is triggering the distraction and start to go right into question, we will break the enslavement of reaction. Different reality!