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Melinda Asztalos is a Founding Member of Impact, International Membership of
Professional Advisors, Coaches & Trainers. Melinda is a Certified Body Regeneration Facilitator.

Melinda Asztalos is a highly trained, caring professional coach and speaker.

My passion and my purpose is to support you to unlock your true potential that has always been at your core. I would like to show you what you can be, do perceive and receive to actualize a life that is greater than you ever thought possible.

I provide the techniques, tools and shoulder to shoulder support. You provide the choice and the demand for things to change. Together, we create a life that you love waking up to.

I am here to nurture you back to remembering your purpose; why you are here,how profound your unique contribution to the world is, and what that really means for you in your universe.


True happiness is... that feeling everyone wants,
can’t get enough of and can’t seem to hold onto as
a new way of living. Is that really true?

OR Is that something that you bought as real and true?
OR Is it that you just don’t know how to integrate the energy
that you require to achieve true happiness?

I use the word energy because, in my experience with cancer, chemotherapy, divorce, loneliness, single parenting, financial meltdown and childhood trauma and abuse, I came to recognize that the energy we emanate speaks louder than our words.

A shift in energy is the difference between giving up OR surrendering to your highest potential. It is the key that releases barriers and it is the bridge that can lead to letting go of judgement and control.

When I learned how energy and awareness work together, I began using tools and techniques that have literally helped me stare down death. I discoverd that I have the power inside of me to change my entire reality. It all begins with a choice.

Why am I 100% real? I never pretend to be
perfect or to play the superior game. I bring
you what I am living and what I have lived.

When I speak with cancer patients, I know the feeling, from the inside
out. When I speakabout divorce, loneliness and abuse I speak from
vulnerability that doesn’t come from books and formulas.

When I speak of spiritual awareness and energy work, I speak from
25 years of experience and study.

While I am doing what I love, I am bringing you the very best of what
I have lived and learned. I open you up to YOUR truth, YOUR greatest
life, YOUR highest abilities and at YOUR pace.

What People Are Experiencing

“Sure, many methods helped get me through; 
nothing ever seemed to stick - until Melinda.”

“At age 55, after a lifetime of seeking, exploring, discovering, embracing and abandoning multiple forms of self help, spirituality, philosophies, religion, psychiatry, psychology, homeopathy, naturopathy -- four years ago losing my business, home, divorce and earlier this year, the death of my beloved companion dog, I was fortuitously led to Melinda.

Over the years I have spent many thousands of dollars on "tools" and professional services to align me with my life purpose, realize abundance, love, peace and joy, in every way. Sure, many methods helped get me through; nothing ever seemed to stick - until Melinda.

Melinda has gently, effectively, professionally, compassionately spoken to my soul, heart and head. Daily, I witness shifts in my awareness, confidence and am open to receiving the many gifts I have been asking for. Already, I have received many of these gifts. More are coming - I feel my abundance receptor opening and allowing.

Thank you, Melinda for all you have done for me, guided, assisted, cleansed me, the laughter we have shared the immediacy in which you respond to my needs, even while you are traveling. You are a living angel and heaven-sent.

With gratitude and love.”
Judy A., Pennsylvania, USA

“...I managed to overcome huge blocks that
I have been holding onto since a child”

“ I have no words to describe how grateful I am because of Melinda's coaching. Her guidance, knowledge, intuition and massive dedication made a big difference in my life. She is a wonderful professional and an extraordinary human being. In just a few short weeks I managed to overcome huge blocks that I have been holding onto since I was a child. I never knew what being truly happy felt like until now.Thanks Melinda.”

Mireia P.,
Dublin, Ireland

“I haven’t felt this happy, or been this on track
with my creative work, in many years...”

“Simply put, working with Melinda has changed my life. There aren't enough positive words to describe her, but here are some: enthusiastic, innovative, compassionate, dedicated, and above all, effective. For most of my adult life, I had been intensely pursuing goals and success, and constantly coming up short.

As a result, I had grown frustrated, anxious, and deeply unhappy. With Melinda's guidance, I've managed to turn it all around, and am now seeing my life in a completely different way. I haven't felt this happy, or been this on track with my creative work, in many years, and I credit my work with Melinda. She's a treasure! Highly recommended.”

Stephen C.,
New York, USA

“You have immensely transformed my life
since our connection...”

“ I am so grateful and deeply thankful to you for saving my life and for having you in my life.

You truly are an Angel, with all the gifts. You listened to me when no one did, you gave me awareness that I have been searching for over 40 years, you gave me my life back when I was ready to give up.

You have immensely transformed my life since our connection, only 8 months ago, in a way I did could not envisage. So much has happened in so little time.”

Eleni B.,
London, UK

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What can you expect from coaching with Melinda?
Results! such as...

  • Discover and define your life purpose
  • Get rid of patterns and imprints that are sabotaging your success in life
  • Discover your unique personal power that will set you free
  • Learn what action to take to get powerful results
  • Learn how to think in new ways that support your success
  • Finally discover what is really holding you back
  • Become the master of your phenomenal life
  • Let go of knee jerk reactions, judgment, blame and pain
  • Learn key habits to continue your success

How often do you have the same thoughts and feelings as you repeat the same patterns over and over without getting the
results you are longing for?

IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. Change is something that we all want,
but very few of us know how to create lasting change easily
and effectively.


Change is scary, especially, when you are not where you want to be. What if you had an experienced, trained and certified professional supporting you every step of the way?

I work with people from around the globe supporting them from a combined platform of certified expertise and extensive life experience. I have never met anyone, who participated fully in this process that did not achieve the breakthrough they were hoping for.

With me, you get shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart authentic support with purpose and a plan. That plan is your success, your dream and your vision for the life you have been wanting to live for so long. When we work together, we get to the core cause of your challenges and work immediately to free you once and for all from the patterns that are keeping you from living YOUR phenomenal life.

Are you ready to break free from the chains and limitations that bind you? Are you ready to wake up into the fullness and richness of your life?Are you ready to be the master of your life and the true creator of your heart’s desire?

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