Tips to Really Improve the Energy in Your Home

Here is a pragmatic tip you can use when you are cleaning your home. Visualize, as you clean, that you are energetically removing the debris left from low frequency energies, vibrational harmonics that are not congruent with your joy and entities that are trying to take root inside your field.

I can sense very clearly when my house is “asking” to be cleared. I am willing to receive from my home. With all of the energy work I do in person and online, never has anyone entered my home and felt the energy of the person who has come before them for healing. The debris, cords and residue are cleared because that is the demand I have made of my home. In turn, I connect to the energy of every molecule in my space so I am acutely aware of what is in my atmosphere.

I use energetic tools and commands to activate a regular spiritual hygiene in the home. Remember, you have capacities to move energy in the quantum field. This is how I have released migraines from people, pain from body, and moved energy to release blocks very quickly when it is sanctioned to do so for another. We all have capacities to work in the quantum field. Think of yourself as an architect of light. What are you creating? Are you asleep at the wheel or are you curious enough to pay attention to what is possible?

Asking questions, functioning from awareness and moving energy for the most optimal outcome that is sanctioned by your higher self and the higher selves of others is a way to awaken your capacities more and more.

While washing the floors, using soap and water, I intend and generate the energy of washing all debris out. Water has a wonderful frequency that clears dynamically. This is why the strange practice of placing an open container of a few cups of water with 1/2 cup of salt in a room for 3 days (max) has a powerful cleansing capacity to it. Sounds like an old wives tale 🙂 but you would be amazed how well it works. No longer than 3 days and the water is to be spilled away from your property. When you spill it to the earth, thank the earth for transmuting the energies.

If you feel bogged down with emotional gunk that you can’t think straight, or surrounded by physical clutter in your home, pressured by too much work and overwhelm, time to clean house!

Every item out of place natters away at you. Every unresolved resentment, every comparison, every judgment takes up energetic space. Now is the time to free yourself by energetically/physically cleaning house. Just do it! Make room for the miracles that are lining up for you.