Conscious Evolution

In this process of rapid awakening, all life is faced with the task to evolve to the new frequencies or leave the planet.

Those who are perceiving the most difficulty are in resistance to the incoming codes and energetic waves that are flooding the planet as we shift into higher bandwidths of light.

Evolution is occurring whether we like it, believe in it, align or not align with it. We can be aware or not aware, this is a free will zone. Ascension is a conscious process which requires a choice to engage with the unknown, in order to experience something brand new.

The fear programs and time of sacrificing self in service to others are now over!  Healing must take place on all layers and levels of self so that we can shed the outdated programs and release the karmic debris of fear induced scenarios and frequencies.

Our DNA begins activating as we shift our vibrational frequencies and actively move out of the old and into the new. This requires a deep dive into the programs that have been running the show and taking our power back with new higher truths.

In order to resonate with and be able to sustain form in higher realms of experience, we must be able to sustain the frequency that is much higher than we have been immersed in as we step out of 3D programming and limitation through the 4D corridor as we make our way to a 5D reality. As the frequency of the Earth changes, everything on her surface is affected by this increase in frequency.

In the Ascension process, it is essential to clear lower emotional, egoic and mental constructs which block higher states of consciousness. This is what liberates us to do what it came here to do. As we consciously reach upward and align through our most benevolent higher self lineage to ourselves at Source, we move towards embodying the merger of divinely inspired free will.

The best of us at a very future point coming together with the best of who we are in the now creating the next level of who we are destined to become as a collective of sovereigns inspired by the divinity of our highest selves.

Third dimensional reality is the lowest density (frequency) which we as humans are experiencing. In 3D reality, our consciousness is subject to the illusion of linear time ( so we could have experiences in this dimension ), the inability to perceive higher dimensions, and spiritual amnesia. We have forgotten our connection to the rest of the universe as an actual “thing” not just an interesting concept.

This is now changing. As we wake up from the deep sleep of 3D, we must activate our DNA and assimilate higher truths as well as shed fear programming. For this a re-tooling of the 3D body templates must undergo a transformation to allow the assimilation of these higher energies.

As you awaken to your ascension journey, there are many discordant energies vying to siphon your light. This is a time of conscious discernment and an unshakeable commitment to anchor to your Higher Self at Source and ensure that you are receiving intuitive guidance from YOU at Source.

We will be tasked with needing to make difficult choices on this journey and disconnect from those who are not wanting to let go of the old frequencies. This is the time to ask:

What am I aware of?
Whose needs am I trying to fulfill so that I never get to truly ever be me?
How many lies am I living by that I’ve decided are real and true that are keeping me stuck?
How am I making myself wrong and using defense to justify what I believe I MUST choose that never allows me to be truly free?
What definitions am I living by?

Deep dive into the density that is in your blindspot, untether yourself from it and set yourself on a course for so much more than you ever thought was possible.