What is Energy Facilitation?

Working with the physical intelligence of your body to locate the blocks
that are stopping your purpose, prosperity and peace of mind.


Awakening the Restoration of Consciousness


Why Would This Help Me?

Each time you encounter an experience, whether a feeling, a thought
or a sensation it gets embedded into thousands of neurons
that form a neural network.

Repeated experiences become increasingly embedded in this neural
network, making it easier for the neurons to fire (or respond to
the experience), and more difficult to change those patterns.

AND, the neurons that fire together actually inspire similar
thoughts and feelings. When you think about a word like:
money, family, body, weight, age, need or any word that may
have a charge on it based on your life experience, if it fires neurons
that are associated with anxiety, fear, or even past failures, it becomes
a struggle for you to succeed in life and get past this charge.

Now add onto that all of the imprinting from your ancestral lineage.
All of the beliefs and information codes become locked into a matrix
grid within your energetic field and keeps you in an automatic
response reaction.

THE ARC™ Method enables you to ELIMINATE those old patterns
and automated reactions while establishing new habits that actually
help you create your ideal life.

What is THE ARC™ Method?

Awakening the Restoration of Consciousness is a combination of over
30 years of study combined with heart imagery, verbal energy
processes and body/mind/spirit energetic tools that remove
the negative programming from your cell memory, your DNA
patterns, your physical body and your emotional and mental
bodies. This practice releases all suffering from your being.

The ARC™ Method is designed to bring you into a living experience
where YOU are in the driver’s seat, functioning from your true
capacity and creating your life as a choice not as a series of
obilgations and necessities.

Feel more connected to why on earth you are here.
Awaken the safest place to be - YOUR OWN AWARENESS. Feel fully alive and FREE.
Experience new levels of joy, spiritual growth & connection to Source energy.
Step into the realms of actually creating what you DESIRE not what you fear.

The greatest gift you could give yourself is
permission to restore your consciousness
into the wholeness and perfection it was
meant to be for you.

Awareness is everything. It is the brightest
star in your sky guiding you every second
of your life. When you tap into it’s limitless
capacity to serve you, everything becomes

Your world expands into the greatness you’ve
never acknowleged. Your choices become
vast and your life becomes filled with
ease and grace. Yes, I would like a FREE session