Did you come here to be something different?

Even when it seems impossible, possibilities still exist…

No one can go on the journey of you but you…
But it does not mean you have to do it alone. Welcome to the adventure!

Guidance for Ascension

Awaken. Restore. Create Your Life!

Why Would This Help Me?

Many people are hitting a ceiling in their spiritual practice and personal development and are not quite sure how to break free from karmic patterns and sub-conscious programming. I work with people who are committed to raising thier vibration, release the fear frequencies and explore true Soul Sovereignty.

During this shift, your choice to move into higher bandwidths of frequency, expand your consciousness and awaken to your true capacities not only serves you but the planet as well.


  • Access levels of awareness and pinpoint the exact areas that are holding you back
  • Take inspired actions that help you release your fears of moving forward with much more ease
  • Learn how to step into the “REAL” you
  • Release self-judgement and doubt
  • Learn the power of discernment which is vital to your ascension journey
  • Learn pragmatic ways to shift your perspective that will keep you from falling into ego/mind traps that keep you stuck in old patterns and habits

Marconics Graduate Coaching

Mentoring on your Ascension Path during a
40 min or 1 hour coaching session.

1-1 sessions are available remote via Zoom, Skype or Phone

*If you have graduated from a Marconics Practitioner Training, please book a session with me via the Marconics Page first ( CLICK BELOW ). I will send you an email to choose a time.

“It is time to recalibrate the human body in preparation for the birthing of the Avatar; your Divine Soul Self.”

Alison David Bird, C.HT., Originator of Marconics