QUICK TIP – How To Instantly KNOW What Is Right For You!

Here is a quick tip to help you instantly get the energy of your being and how to navigate from your knowing ( these steps happen the moment you engage – get out of your head and just get the energy and it is instant ).

1) Lower your walls and barriers – just command it and sense you lowering your defences, walls and barriers.

2) Expand your awareness – right now – connect to your body – sense your body feet on ground where your body is touching the chair etc. Now expand your awareness to sense the outside edges of your skin.

3) Now expand your being ( your zone, your awareness ) beyond your room, your home and now beyond the planet – just ask your being to expand out.

4) Breathe in breathe out – from this spaciousness you are being YOU. Notice the ease of you – this is YOUR truth. This is YOUR energy.

5) From this expansion, think of something that lights you up. Something that makes you happy, ( running on the beach, singing in the shower, sun-tanning by the ocean, horse back riding, resting after all of your “to-do” list is complete, ) that feeling you get when you are really “in the zone”.

6) When a possibility comes up or when you are looking at making any kind of choice in your life, the above energy ( expansion + that feeling of being in “the zone” ) ask, โ€œDoes this choice actually match that energy.โ€

7) ANYTIME you don’t know what to choose do the above. NOTICE if you are trying to FORCE yourself to “believe” something because your mind is trying to get you to choose from fear NOT possibility.

8) ASK, โ€œAm I making this choice from Fear or Possibility?โ€ DON’T trick yourself or try to come to conclusion. THAT DOES NOT create your life. You deserve to have the BEST of the BEST. Follow the energy ๐Ÿ™‚