It’s Not Just A Body!

Not too long ago an advanced master teacher was reminding people that, “We are spiritual beings awakening. We are not just “meat suits” walking around.” This particular way of describing the body created a reaction within the innate intelligence within my body as I heard it. I found it to be extremely diminishing to the soul carriers that we have elected to inhabit.

The physical body is intrinsically connected to the light body vessel or mercaba, as well as the chakra systems and has a direct connection to star gates that we have the ability to access as we work in tandem with all of our complex systems to climb up the spiral of evolution.

In several metaphysical practices, the body is diminished to one degree or another and the extraordinary capacities that lay dormant waiting to become activated are sometimes overlooked. Our bodies are “magic” and we don’t live from this daily. What would it take to change that, I wonder?

Our DNA – housed within the cells of the soul carrier or physical form – hold codes and frequencies that, when activated, work with the form dynamically.

I am wondering what would it be like to be so present with the soul carrier and the possibilities of what it would be like to really connect to all of the “bells and whistles”. What if we can have access to everything that would enhance the physical experience without diminishing the body with boring, limiting judgement?

In this reality, notice how the body is reduced to something quite “basic” and is judged so deeply that this becomes the main distraction that does not allow a deep dive into the capacities of the body itself.

We are literally inside an organic, highly adept starship that is lying mostly dormant until we activate the codes that allow multidimensional travel along timelines, dimensions and experiences. Through the Marconic recalibration, this vessel awakens to new frequencies as it is plugged back into an INFINITE Source fed system and the new light body template replaces the older template so that we can actually thrive in higher bandwidths of energy.

Our bodies are connected to the vital chakra systems that give us the potency to access our original capacities of heightened sensibility and increased awareness.

I am taking a deep dive into the energy, form, structure and capacities of this incredible soul carrier to see what is possible to move beyond the constructs and distractions that this reality “sells” us to keep us locked into this finite matrix. Our bodies hold keys that connect to blueprints within our DNA that can promote deep healing ( past, present and future lives ), Activation and ADVENTURE into multidimensional territory.

As we holographically repair the distorted mental and emotional body fields, we build a sturdy spiritual foundation. There is much to be done to release unsanctioned implants and harmful portals within the body structure. As we do all of these clearings and processes here in the community, we are moving towards this “cleaning of our starship”. The recalibration gives us a head start in this clearing and the future is open to infinite possibilities.