Proof that You Have Power

I would like to give you a simple exercise that will show you how powerfully you are able to co-create with the universe. It is through your intention and willingness to CHOOSE to do this exercise that will allow you to cleanse past limitations and negativity. You have the ability to magnetize what you desire into your life when you truly get the energy of HOW to do this.

Most people try to create from need. It doesn’t work. When you start to play with energy and have no attachment and no point of view of how things must show up, you work with not against the flow of life. When you get this with simple things, you can apply this to a bigger “ask” using the SAME principle.

I’d like to invite you to take a piece of paper and write down some very high vibrational words. Words like peace, joy, abundance, confidence, grace, love, kindness, ease, playful, magical and anything that you feel is very high in vibration. Take ONE of those words each day, such as peace, tune your energy as you set the intention that you are going to ask the universe, “Universe show me peace today. Show me what that looks like.”

Keep your eyes and your ears open. Keep your awareness tuned in and turned on. Knowing that this is your intention for today, don’t make it significant and don’t have a pre-determined idea of how this must show up. Just allow it to be. Keeping your awareness open.

Now the moment that you catch a glimmer of this, the moment that you see it and you notice it anywhere, begin to acknowledge to yourself that you co-created that. That you called that frequency to you. The more that you acknowledge this, the more that you can have it.

Now, this is a great exercise to start with little things. So when you start to ask the universe for larger things, you will have already been practicing this “muscle”. This energy of asking and receiving, receiving and asking is what you are training yourself to become aware of in a new way.

So what occurs, each time you practice this, is that you are starting to acknowledge to your sub-conscious mind that you have this capacity. As you notice these things showing up in your world, begin to imagine that you’re striking a tuning fork and that energy of peace or joy or prosperity is something you are literally getting a sense of in your body.

Whatever you are noticing in your world that day, that has this energy to it, is responding to your request. As you do this, stop what you’re doing and pay attention. This conscious co-creation is going to really support you to know that the universe is hearing you and the universe is supporting you. In this way you clear out the old patterns and really bring in the new!